Elisa Piemontesi

Elisa Piemontesi

Elisa Piemontesi


For a long time she doubts on how to deal with her “non-classic” training, and finally she realized that this is not a fault, but something that distinguishes her. After high school, she graduated in a show academy in Milan, and then she approached photography.

The link between her current work and her training are: communication and emotion. When you dance, play a role or take pictures, what do you do? You tell a story and emotions through different languages. This is exactly what she does today.

Working as a social media manager and visual storyteller, with Lorenzo Lucca and other colleagues in PLUME: raccontare le imprese (telling companies), a service project that combines photography, webmarketing, socialmedia, photography and storytelling for corporate people and companies. Here, through photo storytelling and social media, they tell unique and exciting stories.

Elisa also works as a model and actress for television. She finally trains companies and professionals to use social media to create effective contents and images, also using a smartphone.

For several years she has been, with Lorenzo Lucca the official photographer for the back-stage of the Zozzoni Day on Radio Deejay, for Cesvi.

She says: “It ‘s always exciting to be chosen by a couple to illustrate the story of their best day.”

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